Friday, 9 December 2011

Last Whizzywig of 2011

There's a new version of Whizzywig 2011  and it should be the last one ever. Clearly we can't go on calling new releases "2011", so in 2012 it will appear with a new name - how exciting! - and, if all goes according to plan, its own website.

Many thanks to all who have tried it out in 2011 and provided feedback. Hopefully it will be a much better editor for this.

The main new feature is clean pasting: if you paste in stuff from a document or a website then the editor will strip out all extraneous styling, fonts, colors , spans, classes and ids that only made sense on the original page, leaving you with some uncluttered and pure html. This should be pretty consistent across browsers (some were driving me mad with their silly paste behavior!).

And here, documented for the first time, are the keyboard controls:
 CTRL+Space - Clear all inline styles and classes
 CTRL+B - Bold selected text
 CTRL+I - Italic selected text
 CTRL+U - Underline selected text
 CTRL+H - Edit the HTML source
 CTRL+L - Insert a Link
 CTRL+M - Insert an iMage

Note that the cursor must be in the edit area for the above to work, or you'll get the browser default action (History, Bookmarks, etc.)

 a link - bring up the Link dialogue
 an image - bring up the Image dialogue
 the toolbar - toggle full window

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