Friday, 16 December 2011

IOS5 now supports contenteditable. Come on Android!

Users who love or need their WYSIWYG editor (Whizzywig, TinyMCE, CKEditor etc.)  have been complaining for years that they would not work on on their mobile device. They could edit their blog or update their favourite site with rich text on their desktop machine but no joy on their iPad or smartphone.

They would not work because no mobile browser would support the contentEditable attribute despite the fact that all the major browsers support it in their desktop versions - Internet Explorer since 5.5. Well it seems Apple have been listening and now these things will work in IOS5. Great if you have an iPad 2.

Not so great with Android though, which not only still fails to support it, but actually lies if you test for support:


returns "true" but the onscreen keyboard will not appear so you cannot type into the edit area. This is Issue 8253 for Android. No sign of a fix yet.

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