Thursday, 13 September 2012

Galaxy S3 - still bigger than the iPhone

Despite the brouhaha over the iPhone 5, I'm still pretty satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S3. No doubt the iPhone 5 is a nice device and it will delight millions but it's not going to kill off Android or Samsung just yet.

Sir Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc. is on video having a snipe at the size of some larger phones like the S3: "you can still operate the iPhone 5 with one hand".

He made the iPhone 5 taller, accommodating a 4" screen, but not wider. So you can hold it in one hand and type with your thumb. Or at least you could if the Apple keyboard wasn't so nasty. Personally, I think the native Android keyboard is no better but on an Android phone you can load up   SwiftKey, which actually makes typing easy on a phone. I can type even long documents faster on my S3 faster than on a real keyboard, thanks to SwiftKey's uncanny ability to predict what I'm going to say.

That said, I'm typing this on an iPad with the Blogger app. But the iPad won't fit in my pocket. The Galaxy S3 will and its bigger screen, better keyboard and ability to handle real files still make me glad I didn't wait for the iPhone 5.

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